LIL SOLID PLUS • Second Generation HNB Heating Device from Korean KT&G • All-in-One Heater ~30 uses on a single charge

LIL SOLID PLUS 香港現貨原廠韓國加熱煙機套裝

LIL Heating Device & FIIT Sticks • Original Korean HNB Product

LIL is the Heated-Tobacco Heating Device launched by KT&G (Korean Tobacco & Ginseng), the leading cigarette producer in Korea, to use with her own branded Sticks named FIIT.

LIL KT&G ESSE 韓國加熱煙品牌
KT&G 旗下比較多人認識的 ESSE 香煙品牌

Buy LIL SOLID PLUS Korean HNB Heating Device • 25-30 Uses on a single charge

Heating Pin type • Built-in Auto-Cleaning

LIL SOLID PLUS Best Offer in Hong Kong: Blue and Black (Grey).

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LIL Solid Plus 套裝

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