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IQOS Holders and Compatible All-in-one Heaters

Limited models are available in our 24 hour stores if no special booking is made. Full line products are ready from 12pm everyday except public holidays.

IQOS 加熱棒 / HiTaste Q1/P6/P5/P6-Mini 一體機

24 小時加熱煙店只提供有限的加熱煙機款式可供選擇,若需要在零晨時分購買可提前預訂。全線產品在每天的中午十二點後正常供應,公眾假期除外。

IQOS 3 單槍淨加熱棒

IQOS 3 Holder All Colors 香港Hong Kong

HiTaste P5 All-in-One
Adjustable Temperature & Duration
HiTaste P5 一體機
可調加熱溫度 可調加熱時間
一次充電 可連續使用 10 支
價錢吸引 三個月保修

HiTaste P5 All Colors Sales

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Mong Kok Store
1 minute from Exit A2 Mong Kok MTR

IQOS 24 Hours Store Mong Kok Hong Kong 香港IQOS 24小時旺角店

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About IQOS Heatsticks in Hong Kong... HEETS MARLBORO...

Heatsticks are not allowed to resell in stores in Hong Kong. Only IQOS devices and compatible heaters are available.

有關煙彈 …

在現時法例和徵稅管理下 IQOS 煙彈不能在店內出售,只有電子加熱設備可供選擇。

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