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HiTaste P6 IQOS User Guide Quick Start

3 Times ON • 3 Times OFF

Quickly Press the Power button 3 times to start heating; Quickly Press 3 times to turn off, any time;

Press / to adjust the heating temperature to your own preference.

Preheating will take around 10-20 seconds. When the preset temperature is reached, the device will vibrate once again.
(You may stop heating any time by pressing the power button 3 times quickly.)
HiTaste P8 User Manual how to Turn On Turn Off

5 Times enter Adjustment Mode

Press quickly the Power button 5 times to enter Adjustment Mode to adjust the heating time

Adjust heating time: In standby mode, press the power button quickly 5 times, and the timer will start flashing; then press / to adjust the heating time; Press again the power button when finish or to quit;
Counter Reset: In standby mode, press the power button quicky 5 times to enter adjustment mode; When the timer is flashing, press again 5 times quickly, then the "Counter" will start flasing; then press / to reset the counter to zero;
HiTaste P8 How to Adjust Timer and Reset Counter

8 Times Auto-Cleaning

Press the power button quickly 8 times to start High Temperature Auto-Cleaning

When the heating pin turns black after several uses, you may use High Temperature Auto-Cleaning to evaporate the dirt;
(Remove the cap before using Auto-Cleaning)
In standby mode, press quickly 8 times the Power button to start Auto-Cleaning, and it will take around 20 seconds;
HiTaste P8 How to start Auto-Cleaning
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USB Type-C Charging Port

Charging Time ~ 2 Hours

HiTaste P8 can be charged with most common USB Type-C power adapter.
HiTaste P8 User Guide USB Type-C Charging

HiTaste P8
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