HiTaste P8 • Dual Heating IQOS LIL Compatible Heater • Metal Body Big Battery • ~25 Consecutive Uses

HiTaste P8 Colors Purple Gold Rose Grey Black

HiTaste P8 - Upgrade version of HiTaste P6

All-in-One Heater - Continuous Use - No need to Wait between sessions

Only 98 gram - Smaller & lighter than IQOS 2.4 Plus and IQOS 3 DUO.
HiTaste P8 All-in-One Heating Device 25 Consecutive Uses

HiTaste P8 · Innovative Dual Heating

In addition to the heating pin in the middle, a secondary heating plate from the bottom gives you a stronger and richer taste.

Heating Pin: More Durable than Heating Blade;
Dual Heating: More Heating Contact with the Stick;
HiTaste P8 Dual Heating IQOS Compatible

HiTaste P8 Features Overview

HiTaste P8 is a small upgrade from HiTaste P6. Operation and Setting Ranges all same as P6. Main upgrades are Metal Body and Dual-Heating feature.

Another minor upgrade - A Dust-Proof Lid;
HiTaste P8 IQOS Structure

HiTaste P8 's Battery Life

3200mAh Big Battery

~25 Consecutive Uses on a single charge (270C @ 4'30")
HiTaste P8 電池容量和續航力
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HiTaste P8 OLED Display

All Settings and Information at a glance

Temperature, Battery Level, Timer Countdown and Number of Uses all here.
HiTaste P8 電池容量和續航力

Adjustable Temperature Adjustable Timer

Heating Temperature: Press / button to set the temperature to your own preference;
Heating Time: Maximum 6 mins, same as IQOS devices;
Puff Limit: Unlimited;

Temperature Adjustable Anytime, even after Heating started.
HiTaste P8 可調加熱溫度可調加熱時間

Buy HiTaste P8 Dual Heating Big Battery All-in-One HNB Heating Device

~25 Consecutive Uses

IQOS / LIL Compatible • Hong Kong Special Offer • 5 Colors available
HiTaste P8香港價錢黑銀金玫瑰金紫五款顏色現貨供應
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HiTaste P8

HiTaste P8
User Manual

HiTaste P8 Gallery

HiTaste P8 Black Grey
HiTaste P8︰Black & Grey
HiTaste P8 Purple Rose Grey
HiTaste P8︰Purple, Rose Gold & Grey
HiTaste P8 Purple Rose Grey USB Type-C Charging
HiTaste P8︰USB Type-C Charging
HiTaste P8 New Colors Rose Gold and Purple
HiTaste P8 New Colors: Rose Gold & Purple
HiTaste P8 Purple Rose Shiny look
HiTaste P8 Metal Case Shiny Look
HiTaste P8 Bottom Heating Plate
HiTaste P8︰Bottom Heating Plate
HiTaste P8 Cap Inside
P8 Cap Inside: Conduction Holder