JOUZ 20 • IQOS Heatsticks Compatible • ~20 Consecutive Uses • Heating Blade Type HNB Heating Device

JOUZ 20 Hong Kong Black White IQOS Compatible

JOUZ 20 All-in-One Heater

~20 Consecutive Uses on a single charge

All-in-one Integrated design: Up to ~20 consecutive uses without recharging; No need to wait between sessions; Smaller and lighter than IQOS 3 DUO or IQOS 2.4 Plus (holder and pocket charger altogether).
JOUZ 20 一體機設計不用每次每支等候充電

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~20 Consecutive Uses

Sleek & Lightweight: Black & White available.
JOUZ 20 Special Price Hong Kong Black White Available
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JOUZ 20 Hong Kong Small Handy
JOUZ 20︰Small & Handy
JOUZ 20 Heating Blade Heater
JOUZ 20︰Heating Blade Heater